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5 Proven Ways to Accomplish Your Goals While Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Before we get started, take that idea of perfection and throw it out; you're wasting your time, and time is money, as they say. You'll never accomplish your goals by:

1. Being too hard on your self


2. By weighing yourself down with unrealistic expectations like perfection.

Our goal isn't perfection; it's results. Let us take a look at what I am talking about. Developing a good plan to accomplish even the simplest of goals and knowing how to overcome life’s challenges while moving toward the outcome will create sustainability in your daily practice. And yes, goal setting is a practice, but so is life.

You were born to be real, not to be perfect ~ Unkown

1.Get It Started: Stop Overthinking

Some would say that planning is the first step in setting and slaying your goals. However, I find myself disagreeing with this. Sometimes we get so caught up in the plans that we never actually get them started.

So, don't waste time over-planning.

Try picturing the last step first. For example, you want to start a clothing line. Think about the model walking down the runway at the breakout show for the line that you just finished creating.

Picturing the end adds the vision of success while also helping you develop the process.

If you can see it, you can be it.

2.Set an Intention for Yourself: Know Your Self Worth

I see this line flash regularly over the web, it’s because it works. Intention is defined as “a purposeful plan to perform an action, which will lead to a desired outcome.”

Therefore, setting intention daily is planning movement within yourself, a reminder that you have goals to accomplish. Moreover, intention helps you understand that you are worth accomplishing the goals you set by reminding you of your desire.

When setting your intentions, be aware of those small successes that come along with it and give yourself credit as well. You should be your biggest motivator. Accomplishments are built off solid foundations of confidence and accountability.

Accountability isn’t just taking responsibility for your self either, accountability is also praising yourself or giving yourself a pat on the back for stepping up and putting in the work.

3. Establish Timelines: Breakthrough the Monotony

Establish Timelines for yourself and stick to them. We can find a million reasons why we can't find the time for ourselves while investing days and years into other people’s ideas, aka work. Therefore, why isn’t it reasonable to take some of that energy and put it into our own goals.

Most millionaires make their fortunes off the backs of others. And while working for others pays the bills, it can also dull the spirit if you allow it to consume all of your time.

Allow yourself to work on, well, yourself. Take those challenges and daily routines and turn them into a schedule for fulfilling your own goals. This is how you start seeing results; baby steps through accountability.

You will also find that when you take the time for yourself to work on your projects, it breaks up the monotony of daily life. You will feel more accomplished. Even if it is only 30 minutes to sit and write and brainstorm your process, get in there and do the work because no one else is going to do it for you.

4. Start Small; Go Big: Serenity

When setting goals, break them down into steps, like little goals that formulate a big goal. This makes circumstances become less of a liability and gives you a better handle on what you are trying to succeed.

We have all heard the serenity prayer:

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;

Courage to change the things I can and

the wisdom to know the difference.

Don’t get overwhelmed with setbacks. Don’t look at them as failures either; reflect on them and learn from them. Let go of what you cannot change and accept that it isn't failure; it is growth. If we knew how to do everything right away, we wouldn’t need to put in the work.

Nevertheless, when you set smaller goals that work toward the bigger picture, you are giving yourself space to overcome challenges that will and are going to arise. Success is in knowing how to deal with those challenges by using them to push through.

5. Get In Where You Fit In: Clean Up Your Friend’s List

This is huge! You need to hang out with people that fit your image of success. People that will help you rewire your brain to achieve those goals. I am not saying you have to leave your old friends behind and start searching for a group of millionaires to hang out ( although it is an option).

What I am saying is not everyone wants to see you succeed and I can attest to this. Sometimes your BFF can turn out to be your worst enemy when you start to outgrow your current position. Some people just don’t understand that success and accomplishment require change.

"Reality is not fixed, but fluid, or mutable, and hence possibly open to influence." - The Intention Experiment.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to surround yourself with those that help you succeed. Hiring lifestyle coaches, joining social media groups, or following people that motivate you will help you move past the planning and into the plan. Hell, if dressing a certain way can help you get things done imagine dressing yourself with people that are moving you forward.

Reach out and lets set up a plan to get you moving into the life you want. I’m not selling you lifestyle coaching, I am working with you to set goals so you can get results because that’s the group of friends I want to be a part of.


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