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Authenticity vs. Originality: How to be Authentic through Bullying

We see millions of things a day that inspire us, and we should always go after what we enjoy. And, creating our own version of that inspiration is absolutely OK. Authenticity isn't 100% originality, which is why people have followers --- after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Authenticity requires Vulnerability, Transparency & Integrity ~ Janet Stephenson

Follow your Happy

Failure arises when people try to create a life doing things they don't enjoy because they think they have to -- usually because people tell them they have to or tell them the things they enjoy aren't real or attainable. And then there is the bully.

But, I'll discuss that a little further down.

What I am here to tell you is that none of that talk is true and is downright toxic. You wouldn't talk to your friends like that, so don't believe it when it comes at you -- internally or externally, directly or indirectly. And if you are judging yourself this way -- bullying yourself -- then you need to rearrange your thinking as well. You are beautiful and need to trust that!

Don't be Original, Be Authentic

By being authentic, you are able to accept everything that is you without outside verification from anyone. The longest-lived and happiest people in the world know their purpose -- It's science, as I always say -- and I am going to help you find your purpose. It is OK to be inspired by others -- It's completely normal. Be inspired and do the things that encourage you.

What has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun ~ Solomon

I don't mean to preach, but AMEN to that. If old dudes in the bible know then, well, there must be something to what I am saying here.

Trying to be original is like striving for perfection and is an abstract idea in a world full of people doing a billion things. There is no reason to be perfect when being messy creates the most beautiful art. You lay it out then find where it goes together.

And this is how you become authentic, by laying yourself out there unapologetic of what you represent. Being unapologetic doesn't mean you shouldn't apologize or take accountability when you are wrong. It means you shouldn't stop being you because someone doesn't like your clothes or your makeup or your art or … whatever it is.

Don't conform because people don't understand you. You aren't here to be understood, you are here to be happy and just be you!

Beat Those Bullies

I was recently bullied about my appearance on one of my platforms by someone who was a decade older than me. Did it bother me? NO! It did, however, piss off my assistant, but that's another conversation for another day.

The point is, we are always going to have people that try to break us down.

Someone out there is holding their breath waiting on you to fail; Make sure they suffocate ~ Unkown

Those are the people you need to show the most love to. If someone feels the need to bully you based on appearance or image, then they are obviously dealing with some internal struggles. And as much as you may want to defend yourself, it isn't going to help because they don't really hate you, they hate themselves.

These times are where you turn to yourself. Turn to the spot that holds that unwavering confidence. Don't let unsolicited commentary break you, let it build you up in knowing that you are right where you should be living your purpose, and wish them the best.

People that bully are more than not deflecting into you how they feel about themselves. Internal struggles can make a person do and say hateful things. They are hurting and think others should hurt too. This is basic psychology, and you will always beat the bully by loving yourself harder -- and blocking them also works.

A Tiger doesn't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep ~ Unknown

In the End…

What it all comes down to is originality is just another word for perfection, and that ain't real. Authenticate your life by focusing on the things that inspire and make you happy -- I cannot say it enough. Don't break yourself down with toxic commentary, and don't allow others to either.

I am here to help you through and to help you hold yourself accountable for the way you treat yourself. We are going to slay those goals and become the person you want to display to the world and to yourself, authentically.

You don't need anyone trying to keep you from filling your cup of self-worth, and you definitely can't pour from an empty cup. So, let's get together and work on learning how to move past wanting to be original and creating the authentic image of yourself you want to see and want to reveal to the world.

~ SG

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