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Dress for Success: Fashion Affirmations

We know that dressing appropriately for a job comes with cubicle territory. But, what about the position of being your unique individual self? How do you dress for the everyday successes of life? If you are like me, I take what I wear very seriously. I like to reflect on how I feel at any decisive moment as well as use my fashion to lift my spirits when I am feeling a little less than ordinary.

People are visual beings and react to outer appearances, and although I preach building confidence by not letting people's opinions affect your self-worth, I also find it essential to use your image to build yourself up.

If it feels good…

Putting on the right garb can completely changes the way you feel. It boosts confidence and gives us a sense of self-control and accomplishment. When you take the time to get involved in your fashion, you are saying, "I am worth the time!"

This small yet powerful move shows self-worth and dedication.

Furthermore, having outer confidence will help you take on those difficult tasks. Projects always come out better when you feel good, or at least you'll feel good doing those tasks. Dressing to boost your mood is a thing, and there isn't anything better than a great outfit to spruce things up a bit. If it feels good, wear it!

Affirmation Station

"My favorite part of any day is the part where I stand in front of my closet as a blank slate and get to decide who I want to be for the next 12 hours."

We can build boards and place sticky notes everywhere to engage our subconscious and remind ourselves of what we are worth. So, why not let the mirror be an affirmation as well. Use it for more than just those sticky notes, let that reflection be a way to affirm you're a damn Gorgeous and worth every power move you make. Dress in such a positive way that you are a walking affirmation. Let your outfit connect your vocabulary.

"We tend to behave in accordance with our own self-image. The trick to making lasting change is to change how you view yourself." Chris W. Dunn, Entrepreneur magazine.

Budget Yourself In

The best time to get into what you fit in is now. I want to help you budget your wardrobe and take responsibility for boosting that self-worth of yours. Let's work together to figure out how to turn your closet into an Affirmation studio. I want you to budget in on your self, invest in your wardrobe and your image so you can feel good about every step you take form the inside out.

There is no better feeling than following through with yourself, so what are you waiting for, let's get started.


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