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Fashion Faux Pas

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

The other day, I was shopping for items to wear for a photoshoot, and I went into a store that is generally reserved for the 20-somethings. While I was there shopping for myself and browsing these really cool pieces, I overheard two young women talking about what they want to buy while they were looking at a particular piece of clothing. One of them made the comment, “Oh, I don’t have to look this nice for work.”

She followed through by putting the nice piece back on the rack.

I wanted to run over and yell, “Just buy it and wear it!”

Just because your job has a low-standard dress code does not mean that you have to follow suit. Why not wear something nice to work anyway? or anywhere? I found myself wanting to become everyone’s personal shopper that day. I also found myself asking all these questions.

I didn't say anything to them, but I am sharing this because I want to say it to you. I want to assure you, and them, the time and place to wear something nice is here and now; the time is whenever you feel like it.

You shouldn't let a humdrum dress code inspire your wardrobe.

Standard fashion has become so casual these days. It used to be flashy, fun, sexy and most importantly, sharp. It's as if the youth doesn't want to put any effort into their image. When and how did we lose our sense of style as a generation? When did we lose the motivation to dress up and look good just for the hell of it, to feel good?

I had this conversation with an older woman in a shoe store after this situation took place. I watched her as she tried on one pair of heels after the other until she found what she was looking for. She was entertained by my curiosity about why the youth has given up on dressing up. She was shocked to hear that people in their '30s and 20's just aren't putting in the effort to look their best.

I admired this woman, she was well put together and obviously came from another era, an era that took pride in each thread they put on before they left the house.

I thought to myself,

" This is the time we should dress like our grandmothers.”

We could look to these women for inspiration, Their fashion sense may not be as popular today; however, they took pride in themselves and always put their best foot forward.

When did it become okay to stop trying to looking our best? We used to doll up to go on an airplane!

I'm not saying we have to get all "red-carpet" every day and unless you're J-Lo, you won't have a team of stylists following you around, but we should work at finding a happy medium. We should be putting in the effort, for ourselves. If you look better; you feel better. When you feel good about yourself, when you have that confidence, it helps you level up in life.

The business standard has become business casual instead of business formal. Not that long ago, people were rocking pantsuits every day. Have lower standards in business dress affected how we dress outside of work too? Or, have we become so casual in our everyday lives that it is bleeding into our professional lives?

I believe that everyone should have a strong personal style. Maybe that job sees is as socially acceptable to show up wearing a pair of jeans, but I believe that our wardrobe should reflect what we want to represent. We shouldn't lower our standard because someone sais it's ok.

I also understand how hard it can be to know what direction to take when reaching for a style, and that's why I am here. Let's work together to figure out what fits your personal style. I want to show you how we can budget in that wardrobe and how we can elevate the image you seek.


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