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Fashion Forward

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Let me tell you now that you can wear whatever you want, as long as you are comfortable. Now, this does not apply to activewear as daily wear. I have always loved fashion and have always dressed up to go out and about, even just to run errands. There is nothing vain about looking your best. I do it for me and my confidence, I feel better, walk taller, and the better I look, the more empowered I become.

Do I break fashion rules, probably, do I care, no. I do not apologize for being myself. I also do not apologize for what I wear or whether I conform to the rules of my age, size, etc. I wear clothes that I feel my best in. When I do that I feel more attractive, strong, and confident. I say, go out like you are going to conquer the world, and do this every day! It does not matter if people acknowledge the change in your look, it only matters that you feel your best.

Fashion can be very overwhelming at times. What is on-trend? What colours work best for you? Then the questioning quicks in and self-sabotage can take over. I have been told or thought to myself that I am too short, too tall, too skinny, too big, too old, or too young to wear something. The list of excuses is endless. I am telling you from years and years of experience that just because the media has rules, does not mean you have to follow them. I know that I don’t. I like to think of fashion media outlets as guidelines to help us, however, they can often end up confusing us even more.

I have always been a little edgy with what I wear or I do not dress my age, whatever that means. I show up and present myself in the best way possible. I have my own struggles with what looks best on me, but I will not get caught up with what the fashion world says about how I should dress. I am petite and many people say I am lucky. However, it is just as difficult for me. I somehow manage to make it all work and defy most rules of what petite women should wear. There are so many fashion rules that if I listened to them, I would probably be in sweats too. My philosophy, again, is to break the rules. That is really what fashion has always been about.

If you do not know how to get there, or you need a little help in the process, I offer a plan that is customizable to you.

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