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Fit at 50: Healthy Ways to Help Gain that Midlife Momentum

I can't explain to you how much I love working out. Boxing and my fitness are things I look forward to, they are part of who I am, like breathing or eating. Boxing, in particular, gives me a full-body buzz, taking every ounce of aggression and anger out on that bag. Not only does it provide a high, but it also keeps me from holding onto the daily stresses that can add to that midlife worry, which is proven to age you faster.

But, you don't have to get all Holyfield to feel good, working any fitness regimen into your daily goals is healthy, boosts confidence, and it can be a great way to meet new people. Furthermore, DO NOT let your age hold you back from anything; you're not old, you're seasoned, and everybody loves a good seasoning. So, be delicious!

Stretch out the Stress

Don't be cliche and let the midlife woes drag you though the wrinkles of time. Get out and get control of the most defining time you will ever have in this crazy thing we call life.

"The most strange thing is that midlife slump is often about nothing." ~ Jonathan Rauch, author of The Happiness Curve

An excellent way to break through the crisis and use those hot flashes to your advantage is to stretch it out. This is so important, especially for you all that are just starting and setting new midlife goals. You don't want to jump in and pull a muscle; you want to slowly move into getting your body accustomed to a good healthy routine - baby steps.

When your stretching and breathing through the movements, this is an excellent time to set intentions for the day. It gives a little time to feel your body and let it move into the rest of the day. Aging comes with aches and pains; it is inevitable. But stretching helps and will get you motivated to move into even bigger movements.

Crawl, Walk, Run

Whatever you have to do to stay active, do it. Maybe you want to join a group of walkers; perhaps you want to get back into running to boost your stamina. Whatever the reason, low-impact cardio is great for you to maintain a healthy heart and healthy bones.

A walking health group study found that "Regular short walks can be a protective factor for a range of long‐term health conditions."

Do you see a pattern here? Everything I have been sharing over the past week is science. There is a science to feeling good about yourself no matter your age. Feeling a bit depressed? Walk it out. Want to work on that waistline and improve flexibility? Walk it out.

There is power in movement, and when in motion, you're going to stay in motion unless you allow external imbalance to interfere - more science. Take accountability for your health and build the momentum you need to develop confidence in all life's avenues and stop the interference.

Find a Fitness Hobby

For me, this is Boxing. Others may like Yoga or HIIT training; maybe your past the run stage and want to get into some serious CrossFit. Whatever your dish, eat it up.

Finding a healthy workout hobby can keep you motivated and moving forward while releasing those endorphins and keeping you in a positive mindset. Moreover, when you start seeing results, it's going to take your self-confidence to a whole other realm.

Working on your body helps you motivate toward those image and fashion goals as well. You know how I feel about that. Put in the work, and you'll be able to accomplish anything, looking and feeling sexy before you can say "over the hill."

"[Focus] on gains rather than losses, acknowledging the pain, but embracing the pleasures, [refuse] to become less and [choose] to become more in midlife" - Holly Schut

If you're shaking your head at the thought while sighing and saying to yourself, "I'll never stick to it," you need to get over that toxicity real fast! Hire a coach to work on your goals or join a group to march to the park and toss some ropes, which also keeps you social.

Being social motivates and just like I mentioned in my last blog, get in where you fit in.

Find the friends that motivate you and use that motivation to streamline your image and confidence.

If you are looking to move into the next step of your journey, let's link-up, and I'll help you keep up the accountability and drive you are seeking. Let's set goals and accomplish them together. I want to share my secrets with you so we can have you fit and feeling good at all stages of life.


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