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Image and the Internet

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

What is image to me? It’s a lot of things rolled into one. Obviously, it is the outward appearance that everyone sees. Then there’s the image we have of ourselves, which is usually much different. We see flaws that are not always there. We have scars, we have wrinkles, we have eyes too close together, we have a nose too big for our face, and the list goes on. We all want to be our best selves and are often afraid of the judgement that may come with it. 

I did my own blind study on myself. I started an Instagram account and started posting unedited photos of myself. Do I have flaws, yes, do I dislike them, yes, are they my image, yes, are they me, yes. Have I earned them, absolutely, every single one of them.

Here is the funny thing, not one person critiqued any of my photos in a negative way. My scars, lines on my face, my flaws all seemed to have gone unnoticed, how can that be? How is it that no one noticed my flaws? I saw them all. I posted even more pictures of myself and still nothing negative was said.

Here is what I realized, I am the only one who is really paying attention to myself that closely, not anyone else. Why is that? Well, I have to think that we are all too busy noticing our own flaws to notice others. The more I put out on my Instagram the more I realize it. My confidence was growing. I noticed just how much when I did a photo shoot and I did not feel the need to edit my perceived flaws out of the pictures, something I might have wanted to do before. The real me is out. Do I take care of myself, yes, I dress well, I have my hair done, I apply makeup, I use wrinkle creams. I do what it takes to make myself happy, yet I still see my flaws. The difference now is that I just don’t care if anyone else notices them.

We are so busy being concerned about what others think that we don’t realize that most people are too busy with critiquing themselves.

For those out there afraid to post your true self, I say, go for it! Take the filters off, you will be amazed at how much confidence you truly have and that your image of yourself is not nearly as bad as your mind tells you it is. Try it… I dare you.

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