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International Women’s Day: Reflect on Becoming You!

We are taught, as women, that we must do upkeep to keep up in society: botox, makeup, extensions, plastic surgery, all shrouded in dress code. Then, we are programmed after we hit a certain age, we are told what we should and shouldn't wear. We are also judged and scrutinized by how we compare to other women, looking at you, Kardashian. No one get upset, I like the Kardashian's.

Just walking through a department store, you can see the lifeline set up. Kids, juniors, young women, and then 'granny'. Then there's the men's department, which is usually just divided between boys, casual and business. You never see a picture of a man aging into a moo moo.

Well, I say screw that. With International Women's Day right around the corner, I wanted to take some time to talk about the stigma that society tries to pressure men and women into thinking about how we age. Ageism is a thing, and sadly enough, it creates a massive barrier between the way we present ourselves as older women and how we feel when we get dressed to leave the house.

The older you get, the better you get, unless you are a Banana. ~ Betty White

I'm not saying to let yourself go, God no! What I am saying is do what feels right to you and not to "them."

I mean, who are "them" anyway? Men?

I read an article recently that was supporting all these negatives I just said was wrong with Societal views of how we aging women should carry ourselves. I am not even going to entertain it because it infuriates me that a professional woman would create literature that was designed to make older women feel bad about the way they are aging.

I couldn't believe this was what she was presenting: fix your roots, cover your gray, don't wear sexy clothes because people won't take you seriously; everything was about being age-appropriate.

Well, lady, your article is wrong, and I will dress in all the SEXY all the TIME!

Fighting Ageism in a World of Influencers

I personally have never been one to follow the status quo. I dress how I feel, usually sexy and youthful. It makes me feel good, boosts my energy. I like what I see in the mirror, and at 50, I have to say I'm doing alright.

And this is where I want all you women reading this to be. I want you to understand that all that noise out there is just that, noise! It should have no reflection on how you feel about and treat yourself.

Who are these people actually? Is it even healthy to set up a page for the sole purpose of making other women compare themselves to you? No, and not only is it ridiculous, it's dangerous. And although our life's challenges may not be unique in a world of problems, we are unique individuals. We are dealing with life the way we do, and I personally don't need any influencer telling me to buy their balm because I need to cover up my wrinkles.

Furthermore, It allows room for people to judge you and compare, a reason for women to tear other women down, and this pisses me off. If you want to wear a moo-moo, wear that moo-moo, strut your inner granny and be proud. If you're going to wear those stilettos and that risk-ay little black dress every day, do it. Or, wear those stilettos in your moo-moo! If it feels good, why not.

I discuss fixing yourself up to build the image you want to represent to the world often. However, I want you to be influenced by the real you, by the genuine version of yourself that is screaming to be seen.

Don't be restricted by what society thinks you should wear or how you should fix your makeup. Seriously, it is such a burden to bear, the opinions others have on what you wear and how you look. It can be depressing. Why do they even care? Is it a reflection of who they are? ABSOLUTELY, and it is such a drag.

I have learned to let it all go, and I want to share with you the best ways to become that woman you are inspiring to be. I want to build your image and your fashion while investing in raising your self-worth. Changing that negative mentality, so you are a person you love to look at in the mirror.

I want us to work together to get you through the rut of feeling the weight of society lies about how you should be and start rewiring yourself, so you know you're just as good as the next person. I want to show you how not comparing yourself to others will separate you from the pack and shine the light on all that is beautiful and "you"-nique in yourself.

So, This March 8th, I challenge you to go out and get that little black dress and strut your sexy. BE the woman you want to be on International Women's day and every day. Reach out to me, and let's get you through society's limitations, and I'll prove to you that there are none. I will show you that you are only limiting yourself.


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