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Mastering Accountability: It's More Than Responsibility; It's an Asset

Often, people assume that accountability and responsibility are the same. Accountability is you taking responsibility for your self, your actions. This responsibility is one that can not be shared; accountability is more personal than that.

"Accountability is so much more than just admitting when you've made a mistake. Unfortunately, this is the narrow definition many people use, and they miss the bigger picture of what true accountability is." Kerry Siggins

Ordinarily, responsibility is a shared exercise in work and life—a way to define processes in order to reach goals. Namely, responsibility is a group effort and can be delegated, accountability cannot and in a perfect world, each active person should take ownership of their responsibility in any endeavor.

Classy Leadership is maintained when leaders respond and take ownership in uncertain times while holding themselves accountable no matter the results. Placing blame instead of taking responsibility shows fear and ego and, that isn't how leaders thrive.

How Assumptions Create Obisticals in Accountability

When you assume you create imaginary situations that you may have to take responsibility for in the future. There is nothing worse than taking accountability for an imaginary scenario because you made something out of nothing by assuming.

Assumptions are fillers for partial information, which are based on your own past experiences, and this may not reflect what the other party intends or how they will react. It is better to take the step of asking those questions to fill those spaces that assumptions kill. The facts are always more welcome than ‘maybe’ any way you look at it.

"You should never assume. You know what happens when you assume. You make an ass out of 'U' and 'me' because that's how it's spelled." ~ Ellen DeGeneres

It's easy to say a world of assumption is a world of pure imagination, which isn't always a world created for your best interest. Take accountability for your future by filling in the facts before you get started. The harder the question is to ask, more than likely, the better the answer.

Accountability Coaching

This is where I come in. My whole life, my siblings and I were taught to fess up, to take accountability for every small detail of our lives, no matter the situation. As a result, it is one trait that has allowed me to succeed my whole life.

Have I failed? Absolutely! Nonetheless, I have used those failures by holding myself accountable and allowed them to guide me into my successes.

We are going to rewire your brain to release the fear that makes you assume and lack accountability. Together, we are going to redesign your life, turning it into a flourishing garden of success.

I want you to understand that to gain the respect you want while building the image you are looking to present takes work, and it takes you holding yourself accountable for every single step.

We are going to clear those assumptive roadblocks while building your budget to fulfill your goals from the inside out. I am going to train you to dive headfirst into being the best you, you can be! Accountability is practice, and it's an asset to your success.


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