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Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone!

The woman in this photo has a story. "Stepping outside of my comfort zone" to share the personal side of SG.

Adopted - later denied access access to any knowledge of my deceased biological father - pronounced dead by the lies of a biological mother.

I spent 30 years chasing a ghost and seeking the truth about my life. I found the truth and I am STRONGER for it. "The truth shall set you free" has never been more true. Am I unique...NO! All of us have our own battles and challenges that we had or have to overcome. My biggest accomplishment in my life is that I have never given up. Always holding myself accountable for my own actions.

I could have fallen victim to my life's adversities. I could have become "damaged goods". However, I only know how to overcome and to succeed! My life could have been very different. It is only because I stayed true to myself and focused on what I knew I could and would become. Looking in a mirror I can say I regret nothing and can conquer anything... Fierce and empowered absolutely! I ask the tough questions others often won't ask. I call BS on myself and others.

You are only as fragile as as you allow yourself to be. Remember that you can be whatever you want to be. Reflect on the negative thoughts and fears...anything is possible. All of these obstacles have led me here. Every life lesson learned has allowed me to now help others regain their confidence and their image. Empower yourself!


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