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Taking Full Accountability For Your Life Liberates You!

When difficult times arise, do you stand strong beside your values or do you sway in the wind? "Oh, it's my family's fault, the government's fault, it's my traumatic childhood, or perhaps the financial system that failed me." If you are experiencing certain things in your life is it really everyone else's fault, or are you able to see things objectively and recognize the consequences of your actions? Other Cannot Affect You - It is All Up to You

It is easy to blame external circumstances for your problems. It allows you to bypass the need to take much need action because you think you're powerless to the circumstances. If you do not take conscious actions, the world will make your decisions on your behalf. Seven Ways to be Present and Take Accountability For Your Life 1. Embrace Failing, but Don't Accept Failure As adults, we have become so afraid of failure. Children go about life without a doubt that if they fail they can try again. Our ego and social stigmas have paralyzed from taking action. We're so afraid to make mistakes that we rather stay in our comfort zone. Of course, we don't like making mistakes, but that is the only way to succeed at new things unless we want to lead a life of mediocrity. We just have to make sure we don't repeat the same mistakes. There are plenty of new mistakes worth having as part of continued growth. But making the same mistakes and expecting different results is the definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein. 2. Create an Abundant Mindset for Growth People who feel they are born with innate abilities and intelligence are missing out on the growth that comes from continued development. Those who have a growth mentality enjoy developing new skills, trying new ventures, and figuring out new ways to conduct their lives. This continued learning compounds over time and you'll be in a position to enjoy your life to the fullest. Carol Dweck said, "if you're not creating enough problems for yourself, then you aren't taking enough action." 3. Speak Every Word Consciously We've all heard that words can create your reality. Well, yes, it is actually true. Your internal chatter dictates your life and is able to create opportunities or obstacles for you. Unfortunately, most of us are running on programmed self-sabotaging patterns in our brains that we have inherited from our environment. We speak using words that constrict us and keep us prisoners of our limited beliefs. Therefore, it is important that you choose your words carefully, especially when you're talking to yourself. Words that hold back your progressive action are better avoided at all costs. For example, "I can't" should be replaced with "I will." During difficult situations the questions you ask yourself such as "why me?" instead of "how can I react to this?" are also to be proactive. 4. Practice the Art of Self-Awareness Have you recently observed the way your body feels, your emotions, or your thoughts? For many, the answer is "not recently at all." The art of observing yourself and being aware of the subtleties happening to you fills you up with clarity. It is possible that you're like most people who are currently reactive to external situations and don't know why they react a certain way. It doesn't have to happen like this. Instead, next time try something different when you're feeling uneasy and agitated. Pay attention to your feelings, acknowledge them, and accept the situation. If you cannot find a solution, then move on to something else that doesn't create conflict for you. Mindfully observe your thoughts, body sensations, feelings. Don't engage in it, just objectively observe and let them pass. When you get good at observing and monitoring yourself, you'll easily identify your triggers and nip them in the bud before they become a problem that takes over you. 5. Cultivate the Power to Choose As a human being, you can practice exercising power over your mind. This is where real strength comes from. Realizing that you won't be able to control or fix all your challenges is half the battle. Accepting what is when you have exercised your choice is a powerful tool that will help you face even the toughest situations. Extreme examples can be seen in holocaust survivors that remained hopeful or Nelson Mandela, who despite his lack of freedom, found absolute freedom in being at peace with his values. Next time you encounter hardship, exercise your inner freedom to take corrective action...find your power. 6. Don't Blame Others For Your Troubles It is okay to make mistakes, but it is not okay to blame others for your problems. You have absolute responsibility for the life you choose. It is rare that we truly fall victims to a person or circumstance. Accepting that we are the only authors of our story may seem daunting, but it will shape us into responsible human beings that know they are accountable for their own wellbeing. The blame-game can get out of control. It is a problem that has escalated to a global scale. Instead of spending energy blaming others, find the solutions yourself. Don't get trapped in the victim mentality and remember you direct your life. 7. Avoid Making Excuses When life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade or find an excuse to look at the perceived lack in your life. Making excuses is easy, but it is an easy road to nowhere. The moment you take action and are ready to overcome obstacles is the moment you'll thrive in any area of your life. No matter where your starting point is in life right now, it is your time to make it happen. Regardless of what life throws at you, there is an opportunity for you to show dedication to your growth. Practice Accountability Today Once you realize you hold the power to direct your life, you'll be eager to make the much-needed decisions that will change the course of your development as a person. Experiencing total accountability for your life is an absolute way to become liberated from the external forces that once got a hold of you. Make a list of things today that you want to take accountability for in your life.


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