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Unique & Limitless

None of us likes being knowns as a commoner. It is about time we shine as unique and be limitless in life without investing in too much.

Tips To Be Unique And Limitless

We’ve all at least once found ourselves in a pit of darkness thinking about ourselves as nothing but ordinary and idle. Having a heart full of passion for breaking the limits and pushing the boundaries and still not be able to do can seem depressing and suffocating – especially when you are fully aware of how much your talented mind and strong body are able to achieve. Whether you notice it or not, most of us have issues with being productive because we procrastinate, we allow our fear to take us over, and we begin to underestimate our abilities. The results are straightforward, we stop learning and growing in every sense and become just another face in the crowd. Not being able to individualize ourselves from others can be very difficult for many. Being one such person, you might be willing to get to know some new and better ways of becoming different than others and pushing your limits. Let us learn some amazing ways to stop feeling down and become exactly what and who we have been aiming to be, rather let’s just strive for something better than that even: BE LIMITLESS!

Cherish Consistency Admit it, we all have at least once in our lives taken up a new hobby or skill so passionately only to abandon it after a week. Imagine the kind of knowledge, expertise, and experience you could have today had you not left that hobby of yours. Being consistent with what you want to do is hard, but it is never impossible – especially for someone like you who has that perfect kind of fire in their heart. Regardless of the kind of hobby you take up or the skill you wany to learn, just make sure you stay consistent with whatever practice of it your do regularly. This keeps you focused and will surely help you ace something that others hardly can.

Take Control Over Your Procrastination No matter what you say, most of your time that gets wasted is wasted because you procrastinate. Procrastination comes in different guises for everyone. Some people procrastinate by sleeping some extra hours in the middle of their day, while others simply sit idle with their phone’s screen controlling them. Do not listen to what others have to say about their procrastinating habits and how they overcame it. Everyone is on a different track compared to others and this explains why different people might have different coping strategies for their procrastination habit. Work on those moments that you could have spent doing something productive but ended up doing nothing. Take a note of your procrastinating patterns and do something about them before it is too late. Once you spend the same procrastinating time being productive, you will surely be able to achieve more and push your limits further.

One Thing At A Time We all get this sudden urge to master it all at the same time. Learning new skills, whether that is drawing, learning a new language, playing an instrument or understanding the basics of your own personal finances. Without prioritizing your goals or dreams you will be challenged to achieve any of them. Rather, it is best that you work only on one of your goal at a time and ace it before moving to another one. Taking up one job at a time, you will see how fast and easy achieving your goals would be for you.

Learn The Art Of Prioritizing Things Rightly In continuation of what I said above, you need to be able to define which of your dreams and goals you need to achieve first and which ones later. Again, do not listen to what others have to say. Just see what you think you want to achieve first and what will help you be confident about yourself quickly. Prioritize that task and do it while analyzing the rest of the things and arranging them in the order or priority so that when you are done with this task, you do not have to wait to find what you should be doing next.


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