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My Life. My Story.

Doubt  me... Then watch me.

Being adopted, I never really knew where I fit in – my non-conforming ways and strong-willed personality always shining. However, these traits have taught me some hard truths along the way. Dealing with adversity throughout my whole life has also taught me how to hold my self accountable for every single detail of it: failures and successes. 

Blaming others for my struggles was never an option, realizing early that to succeed, I would need to take charge of my life, all of it -- even the flaws. And this is my philosophy in life.  ​

I had to sort through a lot of dirty laundry before I found my calling -- working in the music business, surrounded by strong-willed men that seemed to fight with the idea of a strong, outspoken female. But, where my life coaching skills birthed was diving into my 20 years of communication and fashion, working with people and businesses to find what works for them to help them succeed. ​

I found that my ability to hold myself accountable and to be fierce in my decision making would get a lot of questions -- mostly people asking for advice. Their continuous "how do you do that?" birthed into

I felt a calling to extend that helping hand and give to others what has been working for me over the years.

Using my experience, image, integrity, and certainty to overcome obstacles and turning them into results, and that is what I will help you achieve. 

There are so many obstacles I have had to overcome with my self-image, with escaping toxic relationships, all while trying to manage my sanity in a world trying to tell me "No!" or "you can't do that!"… and I would respond, "Doubt me? Then watch me…"

​This is my mantra and what I live by. Tell me I can't, and you'll see me succeed. And this is what I want to share with you. I want to help you break through to the other side of that wall you have built; that one you can't climb. For whatever reason you are struggling, I want to be a step-up for you to overcome that false evidence appearing real.

I am here to break you through your fear. 

You can change your mindset, just look adversity in the eye, smile, knowing you are living your best life. I look forward to talking with you. 


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