My Life. My Story.

Doubt me. Then watch me. ;)

Being adopted, I never really knew where I fit in – my non-conforming ways and strong-willed personality always shining. However, these traits have taught me some hard truths along the way. Dealing with adversity throughout my whole life has also taught me how to hold my self accountable for every single detail of it: failures and successes. 


Blaming others for my struggles was never an option, realizing early that to succeed, I would need to take charge of my life, all of it -- even the flaws. And this is my philosophy in life.  ​



I felt a calling to extend that helping hand and give to others what has been working for me over the years.

Using my experience, image, integrity, and certainty to overcome obstacles and turning them into results, and that is what I will help you achieve. 

Are you ready to unleash your fullest potential?