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Inner Compass ON

This program will take you on a 6 month transformational
journey meeting once a week in a unique learning

environment. You will be thoroughly engaged in your own
personal and professional growth. You will learn the power what we call the “ICONversation” which will help you develop the confidence you need to achieve limitless


How It Began 

This program started as a conversation – one person trying
to solve a problem which he had been unable to resolve despite
knowing what needed to be done, and two helping move him to a
solution knowing full well that he already knew what to do. In the
end, he took the necessary action. Such is the power of two to
light the way for the third.
We were on to something. Why is it that he knew what had to be
done based on hours of studying business fundamentals, reading
the books, taking the courses and having had more than a
modicum of success in business and yet was unable to take

action? It was as though all the knowledge was available for
thoughts but not actions.
This is not uncommon. Think about all the information we learned
throughout our formal education that existed in our mind long
enough to get us through the test only to be locked away
somewhere – irretrievable. Then think about the things you know,
skills you have and information you can retrieve instantly  with no
idea from whence they came?
This program is for those who have both types of information. The
skilled achievers who have read the books and taken the classes
who are ready to move to the next level.
What will we cover a wide array of topics designed to connect the
dots from what you know with what actions you will actually take.
Having the confidence to move through the world on your terms,
making your mark, leaving a legacy – whatever that means to you
– is the work of an ICON The inner compass is ON!
That means being able to use all of the information and
knowledge you have been gathering to harness the power of your
subconscious mind and turn thoughts to action.
This program is not about knowing; it is about doing.
Are you ready to participate in your own growth? Are you ready to
harness your power? Are you ready to speak into your greatness
and answer your own questions? ARE YOU READY TO HAVE


The first step is to make the decision to be an ICON – a person of influence leaving your mark on the world. Decide to take control of your life, tap into the knowledge that has been stored in your subconscious and following your Inner Compass to your goals and the attainment of your goals.