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How Letting Go of Judgement Enhances Self-love

As our greys grow out and our complacency sets in, do not let the quarantine life break you from good habits that you worked so hard to build. Regardless of your outer appearance at the moment, you should still be looking in the mirror and seeing someone you love.

Love is a strong force, a power like no other. However, the only way to utilize it properly is by starting with yourself. Harsh judgment and looking at yourself with disgust makes everything around you that much more difficult.

“To liberate yourself from your own self-judgment is to liberate others from it as well. To love yourself is an act of love for the world.” ~ Vironika Tugaleva

Don’t believe me? Try looking in the mirror daily and telling yourself how beautiful and badass you are and then pay attention to how much easier it is to get things done. Self-assurance builds confidence, and right now, you should be reflecting that more than ever.

Holding onto self-love

We are at home. All of us are in the same boat, just different compartments, and we should be using this time to love our selves harder than we ever have. Reminding ourselves that this is only temporary and that when it is all over, we are going to be ready to take on the part of the world we are given.

Nature has a funny way of correcting us, and this quarantine space is a reminder of that.

It is also a reminder to slow down and pay attention to what’s important. Look at that image you see reflecting back at you and take it all in. Start at the crown of your head and move to your toes, letting every part know that it is loved and that rest is precisely what it needed.

It is hard to slow when the inertia of life has been building for so long. The need to go go go. I am guilty. I miss the gym so hard I almost want to wrap myself in plastic, hang a spray bottle of alcohol around my neck, and just go. I miss actual human interaction and real-life conversation. However, as I said, we have to deal with what we have with love and acceptance. No judgment. It is the only way we are going to come out of this on top.

Remember: When you judge yourself, you are just putting up a wall around things that you do not want to face. Don’t build walls, build bridges to connect your heart and your mind. Holding yourself accountable for your happiness is key personal success.

I will soon be offering some group sessions as well. Stay tuned. I would love to see some bright smiling faces on the other end of the chat. I would also love to hear some feedback on what you all want to discuss.

What are some significant concerns you have about your image? How can we keep away from the ugly troll of self-judgment and complacency waiting to occupy that wall under that bridge your building? Let’s do this together.

Leave your answers and questions in the comments. I am curious about what it is that you really are looking for to help keep you positive at this time in the world.


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