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How a Fashion and Beauty Budget is an Image Investment

"Self-care is never a selfish act -- it is simply good stewardship of the only gift [we] have, the gift [we were] put on earth to offer to others." -- Parker Palmer Reread that, and again! Do not confuse self-care with selfishness; this will set you back every time. Confidence is forged by holding yourself accountable. Working both accountability and confidence into your diet promotes a savory and sweet image, one others can enjoy as well. What I am saying is, never leave "You" out of your life's recipe; you are the main ingredient. Furthermore, what better way to invest in yourself than establishing a well-maintained fashion and beauty regiment? Whether your budgeting in fitness, shopping, or life coaching, investing in your happiness boosts your self-image period, and the truth is, everything you want matters at any age. This is what I want to help you understand. I want to motivate you and show you precisely what you are worth by holding you accountable. I want to illuminate all the things your life you need to rearrange, add, or eliminate, molding you into becoming the exquisite human you were born to be. Forbes Magazine shares in the article How Your Self Image Determines your Wealth that, "[Image] even affects how much money you save or spend. With self-identity being so critical to financial success, it is truly amazing that people don't spend time daily developing their self-image so that it supports them, rather than pulls them down." Working this into your mantra will provide the stepping stones needed for your personal development, no matter your age. We already know that a budget helps you manage money, why not let it work for managing your style as well, creating fluidity and balance with the image you are striving to present to the world.


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