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Starting over at 50: How to power through the change

I didn't want to list this as a "300 ways to start over after 50" because all though there are a thousand answers to this on the internet, the only real way to start over is to get off your ass and do it. Movement, starting over is kinetic, and no age makes starting over easy.

But, what is it about midlife that makes it seem so taboo and scary? Well, besides the fact most would assume that you have your life together at this age, sometimes life has other plans, and this is where you should use your age to your advantage.

Getting Over the Hill of Failure

By accepting responsibility and learning some serenity, you can get over just about any obstacle. When we carry our age as another burden in leveling up, we push ourselves down further. What we need is to walk around that boulder at the bottom of the hill and keep on keeping on.

We don't have to carry the weight of 50 years on our shoulders or try pushing it through the rest of our life just because it is there. We are allowed to leave it all behind when we move on. That's the whole point, moving on and starting over is letting everything go.

Disconnect from the weight holding you back, so all you have is the next 50 years to look forward to: a clean slate, a new beginning, a fresh hill to conquer.

Begin in the middle

Where do you begin? You begin from right where you are, from the middle of the road of life and just keep on trucking. No matter what others say, you know what you are capable of, and all that negative jargon is only going to keep you from moving anywhere if you let it.

Now, for the very first time, you can set yourself free. No more sacrificing yourself again to please others. Don't get lost in the middle of your life because you think you're too old; get lost in your drive to move out of the lows and into the highs. Begin in the middle.

At 50+, we have so many assets in life. We have so much knowledge that we should be using help us pick up and dust our selves off. Maybe you chose to start over, left your life behind because you weren't happy, or perhaps you had no choice, either way, you do have a choice on how you handle it, and as I said, it is kinetic.

I am here to help you figure you t your next step. I want to get you over that hill of insecurity and build on all that knowledge and lie experience you are taking for granted. At this point, you know what is and isn't going to work for you, so let's get to work on making the next 50 the best 50.

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